online poker

The website was created in the beginning of 2008. In January the idea was born to make an online poker portal for the United Kingdom.

This online poker portal had to serve UK's poker fanatics with the latest news about poker.

The webmasters started to supply with information in January. 10 different  online poker rooms were selected, of which extensive reviews were written, and placed on the site. With these reviews our visitors can get a good image of which poker sites suit them best. Different people expect different things from a poker site. Meanwhile, we have more than 18 reviews on our site. Beside these reviews PokerUK tries to keep the visitors informed about the latest news in the world, of either poker in the casinos as poker online.

PokerUK has a lot of contact with the various online poker rooms, and can therefore offer their players exclusively the best online poker bonuses. Once every month PokerNL and a poker room of our choice organize a free roll for all their members. The prize money can get up to $300,-.

All in all, PokerUK is the one and only online poker site for the British poker players. It does not matter if you play poker online often, or if you are just an amateur that is interested in poker,  PokerUK will satisfy you.

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